Power saving questions - Media stopped playing but terminal jobs keep running

This is my Fedora-35 testing machine.

I am playing a Youtube Video in Firefox and running a dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sda in a Gnome-terminal .

When my TV monitors dimms:

  • The Youtube video stops playing
  • The dd jobs continues running.

I would like to have the Monitor in power saving mode, while the Youtube Video and terminal jobs keep running.

ps. I also tested with gnome-music playing a local media file repeatedly. Same result as Firefox play Youtube Video / NASA TV .

Can I achive that using Power in Gnome-Settings? Or I must modify /etc/systemd/logind.conf ?

Neither I’d think. Can you check with other websites? This is probably a Youtube “feature” where it assumes you’re no longer at your screen when it dims and so pauses your video. I’d be very surprised if Firefox paused the video for you.

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I tried with

The audio stops when the Screen Dims. Once I press any key, the audio resume immediately.

Same as Youtube Videos.

I also tested with Gnome-Music to play a local music file repeatedly.

Same. Once the Monitor Dims, music stopped. Once key press, music resumed.


In my original setup, the sound is being played via HDMI to the TV .

After switch sound output to Bluetooth Speaker, the music do not stop even after the TV lost the video signal.

Well that is to be expected. When you TV goes into power saving mode it will shut off its own audio.
When this happens Fedora most likely is able to detect that there is not audio device to output to and pauses any media that was playing.

In my case, it is my TV lost the HDMI signal, before the TV itself cut power (TV going to sleep mode) .

When gnome start to “dim” the monitor, the sound is cut immediately, while in the TV screen, it report signal is lost.