Possible to Run VM on minimum Fedora?

Is it possible to run windows 10 virtual machine on a host running minimum Fedora (without desktop)?

Yes it is.
How? I don’t know.
Maybe using qemu or virsh from the command line. Or installing cockpit and possibly some plugins (you can also manage virtual machines with cockpit) in order to use a web interface.

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The usual graphical user interfaces for libvirt virt-manager (I don’t know whether this is still maintained) or gnome-boxes can connect over the network (quite sure there are more GUIs in the repos).

I have myself not used cockpit for this purpose yet, but cockpit seems today also be able to manage virtual machines through its webinterface:

You will find much more about Cockpit on the Internet (in general and for using it to manage VMs over networks). Cockpit is easily to enable on Fedora Server installations. It does not need any GUI on the server: you access it simply over your network through your web browser. This also contains the advantage that you do not need to install additional software on your clients.

Given the fact that cockpit can be easily enabled and accessed over your network (without additional client software), I suggest to try this solution. If you use virt-manager or gnome-boxes, you may also need to adjust your security measures manually to make it work over network (my opinion: avoid customized self-made security policies/measures if there are well tested and widely reviewed default alternatives).

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