Possible to make gpu working on igpu and dgpu laptop?

hi i having issue about want to make dgpu working on laptop that i recently install fedora kde desktop on it
i tried to search on webs, nothing gonna working
anyone can help woth it? thanks

gpu: nvidia geforce 940m

Use the xorg desktop and set the gpu to primary as shown here

so it’s impossible to do on kde? if so, which other desktop can do it too except xorg desktop?

I don’t believe so. Also KDE is specifically Xorg based, KDE for Wayland is called Plasma.

is there way forvlet me how to do? i would like to know

Have you tried the instructions found at the link that @computersavvy provided above? It contains step by step directions on how to do what you are asking in Fedora. It’s actually part of Fedora’s documentation, so you’re getting it straight from the “Horses Mouth” as the saying goes.

The only difference in using wayland vs X11 when one follows those instructions I linked is that when using X11 the nvidia gpu is set as primary and always will be the only gpu used. When using wayland it is not set as primary but still can be selected on a per-app basis when desired.

It does not matter what desktop is used – gnome, kde, plasma, etc. – the nvidia driver is still available for managing the gpu.

hi i checked and i can’t find the Step #2 on the search, and apologize that i am newbie to it, i would glad if you can help me for it, thanks

Do these instructions help with 2? Howto/NVIDIA - RPM Fusion

alright will check it

The steps in that document seem clear to me.
Open gnome software, use the ‘hamburger’ menu, and open the software repositories tab, then enable the rpmfusion repos. Or use the link provided by Barry above for instructions combined with Configuration - RPM Fusion