Possible future dual boot with Manjaro; got a grub question

I’ve used Fedora before in the past for a dual boot setup. I currently have a laptop where I am dual booting W10 with Manjaro. I am about out of patience with Windows, and since I can’t extend the MJ partition backwards, I figure I’ll just put Fedora over Windows at some point, as I had a good experience with the KDE edition. I do have one question, I want to continue to use the Manjaro bootloader (sorry, I like that it remembers which os you were using) so after the Fedora install I plan to boot into Manjaro and re-install their version of grub. Will this affect Fedora at all? I don’t want to run into boot issues in the future if I proceed with this plan. Thanks for your help in advance, everyone!

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When you install Fedora, you need to try to prevent it from installing grub (you don’t have to prevent it from installing the package, just from installing grub onto the disk as a bootloader). Then, boot Manjaro and do its procedure to update grub. This should pick up Fedora and add it to the list of choices when you boot.

If you cannot prevent Fedora from installing grub as a bootloader, you will have to boot to Manjaro and perform its procedure to install grub onto the disk.

Once you get it straightened out this way, always update grub from Manjaro and never update it from Fedora.

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Thank you for your help!

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Has this worked for you? Last time (times, actually) I tried it from Manjaro and Arch, “grub-mkconfig” does recognize Fedora but fails to add the parameters it needs, resulting in Fedora not booting.

I’ve had better luck doing it the opposite way: Letting Fedora deal with grub updates and "grub2-mkconfig"s

I have multi-booted many Linux distros for years, and this has never failed me so far. However, I have never specifically done it with Manjaro and Fedora.

Fedora does some things a little strangely, so you may well be correct.

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