PortAudio from SoundWireServer

I’m getting the following error

Initializing PortAudio
Error: No default input device.
An error occured while opening the portaudio stream
Error message: PortAudio not initialized
Error -10000 opening audio input device

when I start SoundWireServer (downloaded from http://georgielabs.net/).

Anyone knows what’s the problem with PortAudio initialization?

Ok, I resolved it. I downloaded pa_stable_v190600_20161030.tgz from PortAudio - an Open-Source Cross-Platform Audio API and make install it but that was messing up things. So I make uninstall it. Then used the standard Fedora dnf install portaudio and now the problem is resolved:

SoundWire Server v3.0
Initializing server network communication
Using default port number 59010
Initializing PortAudio
PortAudio reported default input device sample rate is 48000 (may not be accurate)
Audio stream info: sample rate = 48000, input latency = 0.0213333 sec
Audio input device opened successfully
SoundWireServer: Audio capture running

Well, now I’ve made SoundWire work using the wifi plus a usb connection and setting the ip of the usb tethering.

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