Popup error by SElinux after update fedora form 31 to 32

I got this too after upgrading from F31 to F32 on a system that has a built in SD card reader.

did you find a solution

No, but there are bug reports on Bugzilla for several SELinux issues similar to this. I expect that the solutions will eventually be rolled out in updates to the SELinux policy.

Luckily I have not noticed any functionality issues related to this alert.


A new Selinux policy is available FIx it some issues, Please update your system to the latest and see is work:

sudo dnf upgrade

❯ rpm -qa selinux*



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I have these versions installed and I think they broke my setup for Samba share folder. I cannot access anymore the files using Boxes.

The update resolved the SELinux errors on my Fedora systems. I don’t have Samba share issues with it either.