Plymouth-start.service [dmesg]

systemd[1]: /usr/lib/systemd/system/plymouth-start.service:15: Unit configured to use KillMode=none. This is unsafe, as it disables systemd’s process lifecycle management for the service. Please update your service to use a safer KillMode=, such as ‘mixed’ or ‘control-group’. Support for KillMode=none is deprecated and will eventually be removed.

please help, noob here, what to do. saw a bug reported, no resolve

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ran this, still getting same warning with dmesg

sudo dnf update Plymouth
[sudo] password for db:
Last metadata expiration check: 2:16:56 ago on Wed 09 Dec 2020 04:05:43 PM EST.
No match for argument: Plymouth
Error: No packages marked for upgrade.

Spelling is wrong. As a general rule all packages use lower case in the names and plymouth is no exception. I would try “dnf reinstall plymouth” instead.

My system in that file has KillMode=none and I have had no issues with it. What exactly was your error that prompted you to do something with plymouth.

FYI, There’s an upstream bug filed. Systemd 246.2 complains about KillMode=none in plymouth-start.service (#123) · Issues · plymouth / plymouth · GitLab



Thanks savvy, I did the reinstall and still get the same error. I researched into link sent by grumpey a little deeper and the bug is filed and being worked on. Thank you both for the quick replies,

Not sure if it was a real issue or not, my machine seems to be performing well, just saw the above error running [dmesg]. Trying to learn to troubleshoot system and keep my OS maintained. Any pointers are very much appreciated. Been doing a lot of reading while trying to learn the shell world and hardening.
Thx again savvy

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