Plymouth showing light gray screen until GDM starts

I’m on Fedora 39, and I recently upgraded to an AMD RX 7900 XTX from an Nvidia card. After setting everything up, uninstalling Nvidia packages and the configurations they needed to work, everything was going smoothly except for one thing - for some reason, Plymouth will only show a light gray screen when booting after GRUB until GDM:

This should be showing the LUKS password screen, and when I type my decryption password it still works, but it does not show anything else. Pressing esc doesn’t help either.

Strangely, it does show up correctly when shutting down or restarting (this has the spinner as well, but the photo was captured too late):

I don’t remember every step I’ve taken, as this has been happening for a bit now, but I’ve tried reinstalling Plymouth, adding rhgb quiet splash to my kernel arguments, configuring the Plymouth theme explicitly to be bgrt, and setting the amdgpu kernel module to early load explicitly as a dracut configuration.

Any ideas and/or thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile:

Update: It seems that some update in the past 2 weeks fixed the issue. Restarted my computer and Plymouth showed up correctly. Not complaining, but still a mysterious bug. Glad it’s gone now :slight_smile: