Please make inline `code` more distinct from normal text

Hi, @mattdm

I believe you’re the web maintainer for Fedora project.

Please consider to give more contrast to the line of code when it placed on inline with other text to differentiate from normal text.

I found it’s almost no different between the code line with normal text when placed inline each other on display—or may be it’s also because my monitor have low RGB coverage.


Here are normal text and here a code. Both are placed inline each other.

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I am not. I’m just one of several folks here with the ability to play with site settings, and an interest in doing so.

@hhlp is another such person, and has done more work on the themes than I have. I just changed the font settings. But in this case, we’re using lightly modified versions of the stock “Light” and “Dark” themes from Discourse, and getting them to tweak this generally by request at is probably the way to make the biggest improvement.

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Normally the font is different, in our case everything is same. While block-quoting, the background has same color as block quote and is invisible totally.

Might be also a good idea to use a different font color for preformated text (like dark green, because of hyperlink color).


Discourse meta has the same problem I Wil check that.


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Ah, I see what you mean. The font is different, though… on my system at least, Open Sans for the normal text and (monospaced) Source Code Pro for the preformatted block. They’re admittedly similar, but not identical. There isn’t a setting for the monospaced font that I can see — it’d need to be a CSS tweak.

@mattdm I’ve created a color schema and theme, Development - Use as your own Risk only selectable for testing purpose:

Here is the journey:

@oprizal, check your TOPIC’s Now.

we should use this carefully because we can convert the site in a christmast tree.


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Now every code we post looks like an error-message.

But thanks, contrast is much better :wink:

and just the darker gray background for the code would not be enough?

Let’s try using “Friends Magenta”, #db3279 for this. That way the christmas tree will at least be in our consistent set of colors. :classic_smiley:

We could also make the background a little different, maybe the “official” Fedora “Light Grey” of #dedede.

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I think the “first green” would be better since that could easily apply to some rather large code blocks and massive amounts of red could be misleading. Already noted that it appears to denote errors.

I tried the green (as well as “Freedom Purple”) and the contrast is too low against a light background. This could maybe work with dark grey or even black, though. That kind of gives a retro terminal look, which isn’t necessarily bad. @hhlp what do you think?

We’ve got another option here, use it for Only for Inline code the rest will be the same:

1.- Disable discourse-custom-code because this plug-in jam with CSS.
2.- Make a CSS only for Inline code with Magenta #db3279 and Light Grey #dedede for background.



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Problem solved thx for your attention and support :sweat_smile:



Horaayyyy… Thank you.

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