Different color for URL hyperlinks?

When reading through some other threads, the subtle color difference for hyperlinks is somewhat difficult to see. It makes it easy to miss hyperlinks when scanning through a thread. Is it possible to choose another color for them that has a better contrast with the body text and page background?


+1, I agree with you. Would be great if they have more contrast to make the hyperlinks more visible.

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Hi @mattdm or @sanja, do either of you know how to make color adjustments on the site?

Yeah, it can be changed within the CSS as admin. Some preferred colors? Or maybe making the font bold instead?

I’m no designer, but I would prefer either a warm color like an orange for contrast or bolded text for hyperlinks. I’m not sure if there is a style guide for Fedora brand color combinations.

@sanja @mattdm Any chance to experiment or take a look here?

Kept the colours as they are now, made the text 10% bigger and underlined. Adding a symbol looks really bad and messing around with colours is too “risky” in terms of complaints so does this work as a solution?

The bold and underline help a lot! I’m undecided on the size bump though – it feels visually disruptive in longer threads. Maybe try 5%? If we can set a different background color (like when tagging another user, e.g. @jwf vs. hyperlink), that would help too. Thanks for experimenting with this.

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Ok, size back to normal and background taken from the mention link. That should hopefully be visual cue enough - if a designer wants to step in and change things, feel free to ping me. Thanks!

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This is great, thanks for adjusting it @sanja! :smile:

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