Please add "neighbors" category for Rocky Project


Can we add category for Rocky Project? Rocky Project and Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation do amazing work for “Fedora world” and interacting with them is important.

I’m open to this, but we would want it to be an official request, including having project representatives as moderators (and generally taking ownership). I don’t think we want to compete with projects’ own spaces.


Cool! :slight_smile: I will open discussion about this on the forum of Rocky Project.

@mattdm @karpe sounds good to us :slight_smile:

I know @nalika and @neil are active here as well and could assist with monitoring / moderating that category.

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did you just volunteer me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s give it a try! We’ll need a FAS group for the moderators. And, please give me an idea of what kind of subcategories you might want (see Asahi Linux for how they did it, or it can be just one thing for now like CentOS) and whether you want any particular tag setup.

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I think we don’t need subcategories yet, but the case can change quickly. By time we will figure out what we need.

@mattdm, @brianclemens: What is status of this? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I wasn’t explicit enough about “please create a FAS group for moderators”. That’s done with a Fedora Infrastructure ticket – you’ll need the group name (maybe “rocky-linux-moderators”?) and the list of people by FAS username who will serve as “sponsors” — able to manage group membership. Once I have that group, I can set things up here.

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How can I do that?

Good name for the group is rocky-project-moderatos and members can be @brianclemens, @neil and @nalika.

The other thing, of course, is: how is this different from Why have two places?

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This place will be especially for cooperation with Fedora Project. Fedora Linux is the upstream.
Is that ok? :smile: I understood so from your previous messages.

It’s not just ok — it’s invited. But wouldn’t we want those conversations directly in Project Discussion ? The reason for the separate CentOS space is that it’s an experiment in making that the primary official CentOS forum. Likewise, the Asahi Linux space is the Asahi forum.

For something focused on Rocky Linux collaboration, I think maybe something like a #collab-rocky tag might make more sense. It’s more lightweight but still useful for finding, subscribing, filtering, etc. And, we could tag posts with both that and (for example) #collab-alma. And it could coexist across Project Discussion and CentOS