Pipewire config files just disappeared?

I still have all pipewire packages:

    dnf list --installed pipewire\*
    Installed Packages
    pipewire.x86_64                               0.3.28-1.fc34     
    pipewire-alsa.x86_64                          0.3.28-1.fc34     
    pipewire-gstreamer.x86_64                     0.3.28-1.fc34     
    pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit.x86_64     0.3.28-1.fc34     
    pipewire-libs.x86_64                          0.3.28-1.fc34     
    pipewire-pulseaudio.x86_64                    0.3.28-1.fc34     
    pipewire-utils.x86_64                         0.3.28-1.fc34     

And the sound is OK, but:

  • /etc/pipewire does not exist
  • /etc/systemd/user/ has no pipewire services

I did reinstall the Pipewire packages, but it did not bring back the files …
I am very confused

  • Configuration files are moved to /usr/share/pipewire directory.

  • Unit files are in /usr/lib/systemd/user directory.


I was just looking at this.


But config files should not go to /usr/share, since files in /usr/share should not be edited. man pipewire.conf also says that the config folder is still /etc/pipewire. Very odd.


This seems intentional, but is confusing nevertheless. The guidelines and FHS are very clear that configuration files should go to /etc/. So I’ve filed a bug here so we can discuss this with the maintainer:



And Ijust saw 1963935 – Missing /etc/pipewire after upgrade to F34 too


Just installed Fedora 34 about a week ago. I’m using the XFCE desktop, which I installed via the NetInstaller (rather than the XFCE spin ISO). I seem to be missing configuration files for pipewire. I don’t have a pipewire directory in /etc. I have pipewire config files in /usr/share/pipewire and a few in ~/.config/pipewire, but definitely nothing in /etc. It’s possible this is the normal behavior for F34, but I just wanted to double-check given that pipewire documentation always indicates the configuration files should be in /etc/pipewire.

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It is changed to /usr/share/pipewire recently and documentation is updated with the new release which is in the testing atm and will land to stable soon:



Looking at the release notes, there is no coming back : Releases · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab

It is going to stay like this, except that documentation should be updated soon.

Version 0.3.29 is available in testing, but it does not revert the change made in 0.3.28 to remove the config files from /etc. (Note that you can add them back manually)


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