PHP installation not working together with httpd


I have been trying to install a LAMP stack on Fedora 33. I already managed to do so on different distros without problems, but I am unable to do so in Fedora. httpd installs and runs fine, but it does not execute php files and instead displays them as source code in the browser.
On other distros, I always used mod_php, but as Fedora dropped support for it, I need to use php-fpm.
I followed several tutorials online on how to set up httpd with php-fpm and changed the http.conf accordingly, but unfortunately, PHP files are still not executed by httpd.
I found very little on how to set up a LAMP stack with php-fpm on Fedora. A small guide on how to do it correctly would be great. I feel like I always miss an important configuration part. If someone has more information about this process, it would help me a lot!

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Try this way:


Thanks! I don’t know why I didn’t come across this earlier. It works perfectly well now.


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