Persistent Dialog while using Flatpak Application

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I installed Zotero by using flatpak. It works but when I import some citation, there appears some notification dialog about completion and it stays persistently on the desktop. It stays on top of all other windows and it appears on the all GNOME workspaces. The only solution to make the dialog disappear is to close Zotero. If I import another citation, there appears another persistent dialog and so on. Is this a common issue among other flatpak apps? In order to solve this problem, what can I do? I use Fedora 33 Workstation (the default spin with GNOME), I installed Zotero by using flatpak. Here, I upload a screenshot.

Thanks in advance.

It seems to be an issue with the app itself, not so much with flatpak. Is there a way for you to check whether installing Zotero as pointed out in the official instructions causes the same issue?


Hi @sameyepatch,

As you suggested, I’ve also installed Zotero by following the official instructions, and you are right. I guess there exists no viable solution currently.

Thanks a lot!

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