A Fedora package of wineasio - ASIO to JACK audio driver for WINE. This package is built against Pipewire's JACK implementation

This package is built against and should be used with:

Installation Instructions

$ sudo dnf copr enable patrickl/pipewire-wineasio

$ sudo dnf install pipewire-wineasio

Finally the dll must be registered in the wineprefix. For both 32 and 64-bit wine do:

$ regsvr32 wineasio.dll

On a 64-bit system with wine supporting both 32 and 64-bit applications, regsrv32 will register the 32-bit driver in a 64-bit prefix, use the following command to register the 64-bit driver in a 64-bit wineprefix:

$ wine64 regsvr32 wineasio.dll

regsvr32 registers the ASIO COM object in the default prefix ~/.wine. To use another prefix specify it explicitly, like:

$ env WINEPREFIX=~/asioapp regsvr32 wineasio.dll

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This package is built against Pipewire’s JACK implementation

Is there a patch/repo where we could see how this differs from regular WineASIO?
I’m interested in building and trying this on other distributions.

I actually have the same question.

I am really excited about having wineasio work with pipewire!

Is this to stop the wineasio/pipewire crashes?

We’ve attempted to use this on F35 and another compile on arch with the same patch and same sed approach on the LIBRARIES of the makefile, but unfortunately still have crashes on each.

Is that what this is supposed to be used for? So you can use the pipewire-jack dropins instead of jack2 itself with wineasio? Or did you have a different reason for making this package?

Hi, sorry for missing both your comments (I don’t get notified).

Junaru: it’s standard wineasio 1.1.0 with one change for the 32bit build so it uses the pipewire libs:

sed -i -e’s|^LIBRARIES.*$|LIBRARIES = -L/usr/lib/pipewire-0.3/jack -ljack -ljacknet|’

Potato: I don’t know about any crashes since I don’t actually use the package and depend on feedback from people like you :smile:
Yes AFAIK you can use pipewire-jack dropins instead of jack2 itself with wineasio. I made the package because I got a request, that’s all. So as a service to the Community.

If you have consistent crashes then please try the latest 1.1.0 release which will be available after my wine-7.3 package is built so I can then build pipewire-wineasio-1.1.0.

Feel free to come by in the yabridge discord and ping me if you have any more questions. My nick is patrickl. Discord link yabridge