Parsec.service failed to start

Since iot 37 my parsec service has been failing after reboot. It seems that the config file and the library files keep getting chowned to dnsmasq from parsec. Im not sure whats causing this but if i chown back to parsec everything works properly. What is the proper solution for this?

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Consider upgrading, it works fine for me on a Fedora 38 VM.

I’m having the same issue. I’m completely up to date, and it’s still broken.

The same for me

I was able to work around this by:
ls -l /var/lib verify the parsec directory is owned by the parsec user
ls -ln /var/lib note the uid of the parsec user in my case it was 983.
sudo mkdir /etc/sysusers.d
echo "u parsec 983 \"parsec user\" /var/lib/parsec /sbin/nologin" | sudo tee /etc/sysusers.d/parsec.conf
Please replace the 983 above with the uid from your parsec user
sudo chown -R parsec:parsec /var/lib/parsec

and reboot.

There’s a bug reported, 2170957 – parsec service fails to start on Fedora IoT 37 upgraded from F36 IoT