Package: "nodejs-typescript" outdated version 2.8.3-5.fc32

Hello my dears,

I would like to know why Fedora doesn’t have an update version of the package: “nodejs-typscript”. This package is completely outdated.
I have installed the nodejs v12.19.0 and npm v6.14.8 updated packages . Now my problem is that I have installed the typescript package module: typescript@4.0.3, but the problem in order to recognize the command $ tsc --version I need to install the package nodejs-typescript v2.8.3-5.fc32 but with that it will downgrade the package nodejs to v1:
Does anyone knows about it or if Fedora will have a updated “nodejs-typescript” package?

$ sudo dnf install nodejs-typescript


nodejs-typescript noarch 2.8.3-5.fc32

Installing dependencies:

libuv x86_64 1:1.40.0-1.fc32
nodejs x86_64 1:12.18.3-1.fc32
nodejs-libs x86_64 1:12.18.3-1.fc32
Installing weak dependencies:
nodejs-docs noarch 1:12.18.3-1.fc32
nodejs-full-i18n x86_64 1:12.18.3-1.fc32
npm x86_64 1:6.14.6-

Thank you all

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These questions are best asked directly to the maintainer.

Also if you install an update from the testing repo, reply with karma to push it faster to the stable repo:


Many thanks Vgaetera for your support :wink: