Overlapping edits

Seems like multiple users can edit the same post simultaneously, resulting in data “loss” (being hidden unintentionally).

This post has 3 versions,

  1. the original,
  2. Edit made by the OP, adding new text
  3. Edit made by @computersavvy, based on the original (1), but applied after (2). Thus the changes of (2) are lost.

According to this Discourse post there is an edit conflict indicator but I’m not sure if it applies only to wiki posts, if it’s just an indicator or actually blocks edits, or if mods/TL4 users can bypass it.

Yeah, discourse definitely lets the latest save overwrite prior changes. When changes are made in parallel, the one saving later disregards prior changes. I have never seen any notification that this is happening.

It is annoying sometimes.

From what I see, the feature should apply to all posts, not just wikis.