Fedora Websites & Apps Community Revamp


Please review the draft for Fedora Websites & Apps Community Revamp commblog.



You’re still in editing mode, so I can’t edit it. But looking at the preview, I don’t see any text.

Ops, sorry, new to wordpress. Just figured out and published for review. Is it visible and editable now?

I can see the content, but you’re still editing it.

I clicked publish and submit for review as well…also selected enable public preview… am I missing something else?

The only thing you need to do is save it as a draft, and then exit the editor. WordPress does not allow multiple people to have a post open for editing at once. It looks like you’ve edited the editor now, so I’ll get it ready to publish.

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Okay… previously I saved it as draft but didn’t exit the editor. okay now I know. Thank you :slight_smile:

By the way, (I don’t know what version you are running on), but that was in my mailbox 2 days ago: News – WordPress 5.7.2 Security Release – WordPress.org
Best regards, Ralf