Out of curiousity

I’m currently running a Fedora Atomic Host 29, and I was wondering if there was a way to “rebase” to CentOS Atomic on a machine after pinning my current installation, so I can “rollback” to Fedora Atomic Host.

I know, the future of Fedora Atomic Host is Fedora CoreOS and there won’t be a way to “upgrade” to it, but in the mean time, I might be interrested in just moving my various hosts to CentOS Atomic. Unless of course, there is no “future” to this one too?

I believe all the Atomic variants are going to be succeeded by CoreOS.

That being said, off the top of my head you could add the CentOS Atomic remote and then do a regard. The main problem would probably be that you’ll likely have much newer configs than CentOS Atomic has, unless they release a CentOS Atomic 8 and you rebase to that instead…