Backup and snapshot of a deployed Fedora atomic

I deployed a few months ago Fedora atomic 29 on a bare metal. The server is still minimalist with only a few important packages to me and a few custom settings. I would like to take the opportunity to snapshot the deployment at this early stage with no issues and basic settings. Beyond the backup idea, I want to be able to reuse this image to automatize further deployment as I always start with same custom installations and settings (like /home/.config, profiles, /etc/sshd etc).
I can’t hardly find clear and simple articles about how to achieve this.
Shall I build my own os tree based on the current running one? If yes, any link?
Or shall I write kind of script with a .yaml file describing all the install/setting steps? I am thinking of tools like trackman or ansible?
Or, maybe easiest, basically create a rsync backup and then use it to set up new machines? But in this case, I totally misuses the features of atomic OS.

Thank you for good pointers.