Opt-in / Opt-Out? A breakout topic for the F40 Change Request on Privacy-preserving telemetry for Fedora Workstation

Sorry I didn’t want to attack anybody, only the proposal + additional ideas itself.
I’m writing in an pretty direct style, mostly because those replies (bad first impression I guess), I personally don’t think any OP should reply to good comments about his proposal in such a way (my opinion, no personal attack), I also stopped until the last quote. I find this reply personally attacking, it’s making fun of everyone, that pointed the usage of those patterns out, it’s not a topic to make fun, especially not in this proposal!

Now that we got that out of the way.

I don’t like the colored button idea either. It’s simply another psychological trick.
The user count only gets higher than by asking, by the usage of dark-patterns or psychological tricks.
Those should not be used in an distro which says “It’s your OS”. Because it really isn’t then.

I also don’t know why so suddenly you don’t want to show what data will be collected, linking to a website or submenu of some sort only increased complexity, next psychological tricks to get less people to read it. And “Gnome is minimal” is not an argument, the about page is also an list which looks good and minimal.

Simple “how to ask about telemetry without tricking people” (if I didn’t miss something :crossed_fingers:):

  • Say what will be collected, ON the page you ask (not one/two clicks away and definitely not on an Website lol).
  • Two buttons: no, don’t send, yes, send. Not preselected, the same color. Equal positioning. Not skippable which selects any default.
  • Don’t change what data will be collected frequently or if so ask every time again for consent.

I think the way this proposal wants to include telemetry is fundamentally wrong.
Until this point, I read really good ideas by others but none got adapted by the OP (again my opinion, no personal attack)
I have just one request:
Let the user decide, they can choose for themselves.

I really have to stop reading the new changes of the proposal, there only getting worse at this point. See ya after FESCo (hopefully) rejected this :wave: