Opening multiple instances of same application

Hello. I’m using Fedora Silverblue 35.

I really wanted to use Wayland, it’s sleek dark design and all the security features that comes using a more modern X system. Just one problem: I can’t find for the life of me, an extension or what settings I need to chance, to run multiple instances of the same app in the same workspace.

On Wayland.

Example: Running Nautilus multiples times. I know there is Ctrl+↵ or simply use your mouse but that’s not a solution for me. I want to use my own shortcuts.

This website recommends: sed -i ‘s/application-id/application-ie/’ /usr/bin/totem

But I’m using Silverblue and usr is read-only. So, on this note.

What do you recommend? I want to use it but one app per workspace is a dealbreaker for me.

This isn’t really an X or Wayland issue from what I know. It’s Gnome’s design where by default, selecting an app in the overview opens an existing window rather than a new one.

To open a new instance each time, all you need is this extension:

It’s also included in Fedora, so you can install it system wide using rpm-os-tree or whatever (I don’t use Silverblue, sorry):


I just tested this out. It, somehow, seems to be limited to Totem (Gnome videos). I cannot open a new instance/window of it at all—right clicking on it does not give the “new window” option that other applications give.

If I use mpv for example, I can open as many windows as I want.

So, this looks like a Totem issue, and that’s why the “fix” you note requires a change in the totem launcher script itself. Totem only allows one instance of itself to run.

I do not know why this “works” on X. It shouldn’t…

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Does assigning nautilus -w to a keyboard shortcut work for what you’re trying to do.