Gnome Shell, Nautilus, Software, Totem need a lot of memory

Gnome record screen (ctrl+alt+shift+R) after a few seconds shell eats 3GB RAM

Nautilus (ctrl + F) I’m looking for all my pictures (*.jpg, *.tiff, .png), videos (.mp4, *.mov, .mkv), documents (.doc, *.xls, *.odt, *.pst, *.pdf) after that Nautilus eats over 1GB RAM and is unstable (usually shortly is going down)

Gnome Software after only 5 days uptime eats over 0,5GB RAM

Totem eats 1,5 GB RAM (after watching 10 episodes Full HD video in a row)

I’m running Silverblue 30:

Yeah, it’s a known issue in GNOME when you open applications it saves it in system memory, but a lot of the memory and performance fixes have been added in GNOME 3.34 which will be in Fedora SB 31.

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I’m not sure which memory stat you are looking at, total Virtual Memory lets you know about the process address space but has no relationship to how much actual physical RAM is being used, the best is the Resident Memory - Shared Memory, which is captured by the generic Memory stat, to find the unique memory allocated for a particular process. Containerization can have a negative effect on shared memory if several processes aren’t mmapping the same files on disk but instead different copies of the same files, that will end up reflected in memory use, I don’t know if memory de-duplication is something enabled in the workstation/silverblue case or only common on virtualization servers.

Memory stats are a huge pain to interpret because of the amount of caches and shared resources that aren’t really assigned to any one processes but are transparently managed by the kernel.

Searching Files in Nautilus still the same issue withe memory consumption. After 2 minute of searching various files (.txt. .doc, .xls, .odt, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .mp3, .mp4 ) Nautilus takes over 4GB RAM.