Open the current directory in Gnome files (nautilus)

OS : Fedora 33

Currently, I am at the gnome terminal in the following directory shown in the pwd output.
Now, I need to open/view the same directory from gnome Files GUI.
Is there a command by which the current directory location is opened in Gnome Files GUI (I think Files used to be called Nautilus) ?

$ pwd
$ files
bash: files: command not found...
Similar command is: 'file'
$ Files
bash: Files: command not found...

Type “nautilus”, it will open files GUI


Thank You Jan Kuparinen.

That partly does what I want.
nautilus command, by default, opens the home directory location in Files GUI (/home/herve)

So, in the gnome terminal, I am at the following location. Any idea if I can open this location in Files (nautilus) GUI ?


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nautilus "${PWD}"
nautilus .

Or you can go the other way:

sudo dnf install gnome-terminal-nautilus

nautilus . does the trick. :smiley:
Thank you Vladislav.


An alternative would be to use xdg-open, which opens a directory or file in your default apps. The advantage of xdg-open is that it also handles files in addition to directories.

But, as xdg- is annoying to type every time, I have it aliased to open on my system, so I use open . or open Downloads (or other directories) which opens in Nautilus… as well as open foo.svg (which opens in Inkscape here), open file.txt (opens in gedit), etc.

For Nautilus, it does have the same effect as running the commands in the above comments (unless you’re using another desktop with another file manager as your default). However, this lets you have one single command to bridge your terminal to graphical apps.


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