Onyx and flashing mobile phone (fastboot / adb)

Now I have an immutable system that works to my satisfaction, I am trying to learn some more about how things are done in - Onyx. Clearly, I have made some false assumptions about what I can do in toolbox as I have received some permission errors. I will post my steps in toolbox and hope that someone can tell me how I should do things…

Setting up for reflashing a Pixel 6a phone from GrapheneOS to Android. The process is most easily done through a web installer…

$ sudo dnf install android-tools -y

Install Git
$ sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

$ sudo dnf install git -y
$ sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools" -y
$ sudo dnf install libcurl-devel expat-devel -y
$ cd Downloads
$ git clone https://github.com/M0Rf30/android-udev-rules.git
$ cd android-udev-rules
$ sudo ./install.sh

Google Chrome in toolbox (this step worked fine, only included to complete the picture)

$ sudo dnf install fedora-workstation-repositories -y
$ sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled google-chrome -y
$ sudo dnf install google-chrome-stable -y
$ cp /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop ~/.local/share/applications
$ cp /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/google-chrome.png ~/.local/share/icons

Remember to edit the .desktop to read:
“Exec=toolbox run /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable %U”

$ exit

The Android web installer was unable to find a device, so I was unable to flash. The procedures that I needed to do on the phone were completed correctly…