Old Laptop N3600 CPU Slow on F37

Hello all, I have a question as I’m a new person who used Linux when I was younger, but since I had to learn Windows software I had to give it up. Also older now in my 60’s and slower to pick things up. So already hae Fedora 37 x64 installed on laptop and only has 4GB of RAM. its slow and previously was told to change desktop from Gnome to XFCE or possibly cinnamon as they are less resource intense. It has improved slightly and then they said to get Ram up to 8GB, and install SSD instead of regular SATA drive? I’m looking on amazon for a SSD and ofcourse another 4GB to increase to 8GB. Now what I like to know since I havent done alot of research recently because I’ve been sickly and need to get laptop running to take with me on my hospital visits. Will 128GB SSD be enough space to install Fedora 37 and still have a little space left to save some small files , and some music mp3’s on it? They said that should increase response time? Is this correct or other suggestions would be great.

Thank you, and I do apologize in advance if its been asked previously, but as I mentioned I have like 8 days left before I have to go into hospital and need my laptop to be functioning…

Thank you,

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Yes, it will work. Just take in consideration that for 256GB you will not pay so much more. This way you will have a bit more reserves. If the laptop will die, the SSD is fast taken out to reuse it on a other system.

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As an alternative, check out the spins LXQT or LXDE. Both are excellent environments that I have used on old computers, and use even less resources than cinnamon or XFCE.