Slow boot

my system takes more than 3min to boot, I have a Dell inspiron 5456 with 4GB ram, and i was using windows before and only taked 1-1.5min to boot.

By today’s standards, 4GB RAM isn’t much. Please run free -h and use copy/paste to give us the results. You may need to adjust things to get some swap, and/or possibly switch to a lighter DM, but we’ll worry about that if and when it’s needed.

1-1,5 min is too long. I guess you need a hardware upgrade with at least 8 GB of RAM and an SSD (preferably NVMe). Please specify in the future DE you are using. For example, GNOME requires fairly powerful and modern hardware and it doesn’t work very well on old computers.

this is after the boot

thanks, but i was using windows with an hd, not a ssd so 1-1,5 min maybe that make sense for an old pc, but i’ll change fedora gnome by a kde or lxde to see if the boot time decrease

with the command systemd-analyze blame:

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It may be related to the fact that Fedora Linux defaults to a swap on zram, not on disk, so this can have an affect on performance if (available) memory is lower than desired. I would try changing the swap to a partition on the disk and stop the ram based one.

There’s a reason that I asked you to use copy/paste instead of screen shots to get me the results of that command: it’s much simpler and easier to read. Also, I doubt that KDE is much less heavyweight than Gnome. Ldxe may be a better choice, as will Xfce. And yes, moving swap to a disk partition will help free up more memory for you. @gorsky, hardware upgrades cost money that might not be there. Don’t be so eager to throw somebody else’s money at the issue, unless there’s dead components to be replaced.

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thanks, work it