Offline backup

It may not be a product-specific question, but I want your advice on offline backup.
Apart from daily auto back-up to two SSDs at home and sync with the public cloud, I want to keep offline storage (data transfer by cable) as extra security.

Where would you store disks offline securely?

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I’d also consider taking that offline backup (USB based disk or the like) to separate physical location that is separated from the machine by a distance that is measured in kilometres (or miles) and not metres (or feet). A friend in the next town, parents house, etc.

Taking into account risks (water damage, power surge), I guess offline backup is still valid for data security, right?

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Yep, you should consider the various threats and the ways to mitigate them with threat modelling.
Accessing the backup and restoring the necessary data in a fixed time can also become a problem.