NVME unsafe_shutdowns count is increasing per proper shutdown in Fedora 38

I recently switched from Ubunto to Fedora and got a brand new NVME for it.

My WD Blue SN570 NVME disk unsafe_shutdowns count is increasing with every proper shutdown in Fedora 38. I am on 6.3.4-201.fc38.x86_64 kernel and the NVME firmware is updated to the latest version: 234110WD.

nvme smart-log /dev/nvme0 returns the results below:

Smart Log for NVME device:nvme0 namespace-id:ffffffff
critical_warning			: 0
temperature				: 32 °C (305 K)
available_spare				: 100%
available_spare_threshold		: 10%
percentage_used				: 0%
endurance group critical warning summary: 0
Data Units Read				: 138,293 (70.81 GB)
Data Units Written			: 323,692 (165.73 GB)
host_read_commands			: 1,217,952
host_write_commands			: 7,245,588
controller_busy_time			: 8
power_cycles				: 123
power_on_hours				: 2
unsafe_shutdowns			: 34
media_errors				: 0
num_err_log_entries			: 1
Warning Temperature Time		: 0
Critical Composite Temperature Time	: 0
Thermal Management T1 Trans Count	: 0
Thermal Management T2 Trans Count	: 0
Thermal Management T1 Total Time	: 0
Thermal Management T2 Total Time	: 0

There is no option to disable fastboot in the BIOS, Some Low, High and auto on my Dell Optiplex 3070 mini PC as suggested in a few other Linux forums.

I’m worried that my NVME may get physically corrupt after a few days if it continues to shutdown unsafely. I appreciate any help to resolve this. As this is my first post please let me know if I have posted too much or any other information is necessary to understand the issue.

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When posting data from one’s screen it is suggested to use the preformatted text tags available on the tool bar with the </> button. I have edited your post to add that formatting so it reads like shown on the screen with smartmonctl.

Note that those tags consist of triple back-quotes before and after the text if one chooses to simply type them in.

I cannot say why that data should be there, but mine has been in use for only a short time and with 121 hours power on and 58 power cycles I see a reported 43 unsafe shutdowns.

I am aware of several times I was forced to power off the system caused by a failing CPU and system freezes, but without evidence that the data is drastically increasing in count without a known reason I would not be concerned.

Though I cannot verify this, when fedora 38 was released the systems were placed into automatic suspend for all users. Since my system could not properly suspend the failures may have contributed to that data as well.

Here (server that runs 7x24, but not heavily used)

power_on_hours                          : 1518
unsafe_shutdowns                        : 58

so much lower rate.