Nvidia's Driver 530.41.03 is problematic

I have an nvidia gtx 1650 super and from kernel 6.12 to the current one 6.15 the experience with 530.41.03 is unacceptable, either on Wayland or on Xorg.

With the latest kernel, computer crashes after about 20 mins. Moreover, with all kernels from 6.12 to 6.15 I am experiencing constant black flickering every two minutes or so (I have an 144Hz monitor). Additionally, firefox and gnome feel laggy without doing anything heavy.

Is there any way to revert back to the 525? If so, how?

I have installed nvidia drivers with akmod nvidia once (the 525 when I upgraded to Fedora 37 from Ubuntu 20.04) and then with the new updates I got the trash aka 531.40.03.

The drivers are what Nvidia releases, so if possible it’ll be best to report these issues to them directly.

You could also file a bug with RPM Fusion to see if there’s anything they can do. All they do is package the driver that Nvidia provides, though, so if the bug is in the Nvidia provided driver there’s little anyone else can do.

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Thanks for the answer. I will report it to nvidia. Shouldn’t the drivers that nvidia releases being checked that work well with the current kernel prior to make them available to the repositories?


RPM Fusion contributors can only test on whatever hardware they have, and they can’t hold updates for too long if not people complain.

FWIW, 530.xx drivers work for many people, including myself (1050 Ti on X11).

Nvidia—who took your money and has (relative to RPM Fusion) unlimited resources for testing—is the only one to blame if it doesn’t work for you.


I have desktops with a 1050, and a 1050 TI, and a laptop with a 1660. All work really well with the 530 drivers, and the latest kernels on both F37 and F38 (and with both wayland and x11). My desktops have monitors with 60Hz refresh and the laptop has a screen with 144 refresh and sometimes an external monitor with 60Hz refresh at the same time.

I doubt the issue is either kernel or drivers but more likely related to config or installed apps.

Instead of a complaint and blaming the drivers maybe you could provide specific information about what you have and what is happening so it might be possible to troubleshoot.


FWIW, I seem to be having issues with the nvidia drivers and the F38 kernels too. Not really sure what the issue is, but I did file a bug here:


The only things that I have installed are Inkscape and Dash to Panel extension. I had no problems before the driver update. I removed them but nothing changed. Check here also: Black flickering - 530.31.03

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My issue seems to have “gone away”. The latest kernels etc. work fine. So I’ve closed the bug I’d filed.