Nvidia Driver Issues


I am new to Linux and I am using fedora 34. I am following this tutorial to install Nvidia drivers. I restarted, enabled gnome on Xorg and then check if my drivers were functioning with nvidia-smi but there was an error: NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running. . I tried running a game afterwards and as expected, the fps was terrible even though the same game ran well on windows.

Here are the steps that I used to install.

first download the NVIDIA Linux driver from their website. Make sure to get the 64-bit one if you computer is 64-bit or the 32-bit one if 32-bit.

sudo systemctl isolate multi-user.target This with switch to TTY and stop all graphics.

sudo dnf groupinstall “Development Tools”
sudo dnf install libglvnd-devel These commands install the required packages to build the driver.

sudo grub2-editenv - set “$(sudo grub2-editenv - list | grep kernelopts) nouveau.modeset=0” Disable nouveau. (This command might not be needed as I think the installer will do this for you.)

cd to the directory that you downloaded the driver to.

sudo bash NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-* Installs the driver.


This is how I did it and I have no problems. The only thing that will happen is if you update the kernel you must re install the driver into the new kernel by pressing F2 or F3 after you computer boots to get to the TTY, cd to the directory of the driver download and re run the install command then reboot.

Some of the instructions on that tutorial are a bit dated and confusing for a new user.

The simplest and most assured way to be successful is to remove all currently installed nvidia software then do a new install using the method shown here.

Make sure you follow the instructions on that page and it will install and configure the nvidia drivers for you.

This did not work. Is it possible that I am causing problems by attempting multiple methods of installing drivers and now I have multiple instances of Nvidia drivers?

I reinstalled Fedora and ow it is working, thank you for your help.

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