Nvidia driver cannot load in secure boot

fresh install of fedora without blacklisting noveau

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Hi there, this is expected. Please see the RPM Fusion page on how to sign the driver yourself:


(or you’ll need to disable secure boot).

I used other page but still thanks for answear

Maybe sometime fedora will do it automatically(I think it should be cause of nvidia drivers available in gnome software)

I’m not quite up to date with signing of modules for secureboot, but I expect it has to be done manually (otherwise RPM Fusion would’ve probably found a way of doing it automatically for users).

Gnome software does not do signings—it’s a software centre so this is beyond its scope. It includes the drivers from RPM Fusion as extra third party repositories—so again, RPM Fusion will be the ones that will have to implement the signing.

Since Fedora 36 the modules from Rpmfusion will be signed automatically during the build process. See the file

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Signed with a self generated key? Signing is not enough, you still need to enroll the keys. I wish that happens automatically if the user is running interactively (like on ubuntu)

Creating and enrolling the key is explained here.
Yes it seems it must be done manually since the user has to create the password to import the key and has to reboot so mok can actually import it into bios (with the password just created).

Even then the module that has already been built will not be signed until it is removed and
rebuilt or a kernel upgrade happens which will automatically build a signed module for that new kernel.

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