NVIDIA driver 460.67 doesn't activate or load on Fedora 34 silverblue

Grabbed the latest NVIDIA drivers from RPMFusion on F34 Silverblue but fails to load.

Tried excluding nouveau in kargs but system fallsback to basic vga driver.

$ sudo rpm-ostree kargs --append-=rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau --append-=modprobe.blacklist=nouveau --append=nvidia-drm.modeset=1


nvidia_uvm: module uses symbols from proprietary module nvidia, inheriting taint.
nvidia: Process '/usr/bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/mknod -Z -m 666 /dev/nvidiactl c 195 255'' failed with exit code 1.
nvidia-uvm: Loaded the UVM driver, major device number 235.
nvidia-modeset: Loading NVIDIA Kernel Mode Setting Driver for UNIX platforms  460.67
Condition check resulted in Fallback to nouveau as nvidia did not load being skipped.
nvidia: Process '/usr/bin/bash -c 'for i in $(cat /proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/*/information | grep Minor | cut -d \  -f 4); do /usr/bin/mknod -Z -m 666 /dev/nvidia${i} c 195 ${i}; done'' failed with exit code 1.

Is it not ready for release or is there another version on rpmfusion-branched?