Now That Asahi is Official, What's Happening With These?

I may have missed it but I haven’t seen any information regarding the state of the below functionality. I also haven’t seen any movement on these features for some time. Are they still under active development?

  • USB-C Displays
  • Thunderbolt / USB4
  • Microphone
  • Touch ID

Thank you.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Asahi developers. You have achieved great things, we are simply very grateful for your work.

For me personally, USB-C display support is a killer feature. That’s why I’m still sticking with macOS. When can I expect USB-C Displays support? I would be very happy if I no longer had to have closed source macOS.

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I don’t think we should expect any particular feature to be completed soon and instead plan for a setup that would work well today. For example, video out is already supported via HDMI and (external) mic via USB-C.

USB-C display support would be useful for me as well as I made the mistake of getting an Air which doesn’t have HDMI, but I wouldn’t say this is objectively more important than other things such as upstreaming drivers, improving sleep mode, adding hardware-accelerated video decoding or just general stability improvements and maintenance.

Please note that the project is looking for contributions in various forms, including financial donations. Everyone can do something.

Yes, they are still under active development (except maybe SEP/Touch ID, though someone volunteered to look at it recently).


Good to hear Hector :slight_smile: And thanks to all the great work you do!!
For me the most important thing is better sleep/cpu idle.
If I am away for a few hours I always shutdown since the battery still drains quite alot.
Maybe one day it will be as good as mac sleep?

Thanks, @marcan , I thought it might be worth asking.

A very grateful,