Nouveau hdmi sound broken with 5.3.16?

Hello !
I am using Fedora 30 on my Lenovo laptop. The display driver is nouveau.
just recently, I can no longer play sound through hdmi. Test sound from the Sound Settings panel comes out very distorted stereo when I test “left”, no sound for “right”.
internal speaker works just fine.
reverted back to 5.3.8 kernel - all is well !

VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM107GLM [Quadro M1000M] (rev a2)

messages with 5.3.16 looks suspicious
Dec 23 17:53:26 tardis2 kernel: [drm] Initialized nouveau 1.3.1 20120801 for 0000:01:00.0 on minor 0
Dec 23 18:32:02 tardis2 kernel: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: devinit: 0x00006878[0]: script needs OR link
Dec 23 18:32:03 tardis2 kernel: WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 13427 at drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nvif/vmm.c:68 nvif_vmm_put.cold+0xc/0x13 [nouveau]
Dec 23 18:32:03 tardis2 kernel: intel_cstate cfg80211 thinkpad_acpi intel_uncore intel_rapl_perf snd_timer mei_me rtsx_pci_ms ledtrig_audio joydev intel_wmi_thunderbolt wmi_bmof memstick mei intel_pch_thermal snd i2c_i801 soundcore rfkill binfmt_misc ip_tables dm_crypt nouveau rtsx_pci_sdmmc mxm_wmi crct10dif_pclmul i2c_algo_bit mmc_core drm_kms_helper crc32_pclmul ttm crc32c_intel drm e1000e ghash_clmulni_intel rtsx_pci serio_raw wmi video fuse
Dec 23 18:32:03 tardis2 kernel: Workqueue: events nouveau_cli_work [nouveau]
Dec 23 18:32:03 tardis2 kernel: RIP: 0010:nvif_vmm_put.cold+0xc/0x13 [nouveau]
Dec 23 18:32:03 tardis2 kernel: nouveau_vma_del+0x70/0xc0 [nouveau]
Dec 23 18:32:03 tardis2 kernel: nouveau_gem_object_delete_work+0x36/0x60 [nouveau]
Dec 23 18:32:03 tardis2 kernel: nouveau_cli_work+0xcc/0x110 [nouveau]

Graphics overall seem to work with 5.3.16 …

another machine with F30 / 5.3.16 but intel chip
VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 605 (rev 03)
works just fine -

ideas ?

My advice would be to simply just install the proprietary NVIDIA drivers. Sadly, the Nouveau drivers suck, and sadly, this is one of those instances where proprietary drivers are basically a requirement, which is unfortunate because it is a bit of a pain to set them up on Fedora, but the gain is still somehow worth it. There is a guide here.

Also, in future, I’d recommend that you try to use an AMD card wherever possible since the open source drivers work a lot better, effectively eliminating any point in using the proprietary drivers.

EDIT: Also, Wayland sucks with the NVIDIA drivers, you’ll likely need to use X11

If you need a guide to setup NVIDIA drivers, use this one from Fedora Magazine instead, I didn’t realise how awkward that guide could be:

Duplication of Seems to be a bug in the kernel.

Awaiting kernel 5.3.17 with that patch burnt into.

Just installed 5.4.7-100fc30.
HDMI sound output does not show at all with this kernel (has it been disabled?)

I am happy to still have 5.3.12-200 - at least stereo output is fine.


Just installed 5.4.7-200.fc31.x86_64 and HDMI sound works great! Thanks for fixing the issue.


Scheise!! New kernel vmlinuz-5.4.8-200.fc31.x86_64 and HDMI sound is again broken! How come??
We have to stick to 5.4.7. Please apply the fix ASaP.


5.4.10-100.fc30.x86_64 does allow HDMI output again and works fine.