No sound from HDMI

hi friends,
I have an issue that is very very frustrating
i installed latest fedora
When I plug my TV as external screen i have not sound from the TV
I do change the setting to not use the computer sound but HDMI but nothing help

I once through a manip managed to get sound from HDMI but then video in browser where not working like stuck

Any idea before I move back windows :frowning:

You should provide enough details so someone with similar hardware can reproduce your problem:

  • Fedora details: Workstation or ?, update or fresh install, have all updates been applied, Xorg or Wayland graphics.

  • PC model

  • Graphics system: GPU model and drivers.

  • How do you connect the TV (Displayport to HDMI cable, HDMI cable, docking station, etc.)?

Please describe the “manip” you used.

With Windows, vendors generally ensure that drivers work before they sell a system. Linux often depends on users reverse engineering new hardware, so it can take time for working drivers to appear. New linux kernel versions often need changes to drivers, which may also take time,
especially if the original author no longer has the same hardware.

Many of us have encountered problems with audio in linux at various times. USB audio “dongles” usually work until updates fix the problem. Updates come faster when users make an effort to provide details of problems they encounter.