Not receiving sound notifications from Chromium web pages while browsing in Firefox

Hi there Fedora Silverblue Team,

Firstly I want to say you guys are superheros!

Recently two bugs to do with sound have been happening:
1)I use chromium to log into and have been for the better part of a year. Something happened a couple of weeks ago after an rpm-ostree upgrade. The sound notifications started popping/clicking very loudly, definitely a defect because it’s very uncomfortable to the ear. After the initial annoying pop/click sound, the remainder of the notification sounds seemed to behave correctly. I figured this bug would eventually sort itself out, but it hasn’t.

2)for browsing non-office web pages, I decided to use firefox to separate work from personal use. While I’m in firefox however, I do not hear any sound notifications for chromium. In fact, I only receive the notifications for chromium when I flip my focus back to my chromium window and the SOUND NOTIFICATION POPS LOUDLY, then realize somebody tried to chat with me 15 minutes to an hour ago. I originally perceived this as an notification bug, but now I can repeat the bug consistently by switching between firefox and chromium and yes the sound click/pop happens along with the fact my sound notification is 15 minutes to a few hours late.

It feels like firefox and chromium are both battling for the ownership of the sound device and while one window has focus, the other window may not own the sound device until focus is returned to it.

Thank you for listening. Cheers