Not a symbolic link: boot/loader

Creating a new thread following Silverblue upgrade woes

The /boot/loader/ is created here :

> rpm -ql grub2-efi-x64

We can start to see some info

For what I understand /boot/loader is some sort of new systemd specification. In my case it is not used. Only EFI “standard” is used on my laptop. But it is definitively not supposed to be a link!
Why is ostree expecting a link?? ostree/ostree-sysroot.c at main · ostreedev/ostree · GitHub

The point is: before removing my empty /boot/loader/entries/ to eventually replace it with a link (to what?) as expected by ostree, I would like to understand a bit more the risks I am taking

  • OSTree stores the specifications of the currently active deployments in /boot/loader/entries. It doesn’t need to store them there, but it does so it can follow the boot loader spec and be more generally usable.
  • AFAIK /boot/loader should be a symlink so OSTree can atomically swap what it’s pointing to when deployments change (?).

You should be able to just delete /boot/loader.

I did not delete, but moved it to loader.0 and created a loader link pointing to it.
Then ostree admin os-init fedora works. I ended the instructions

I create issues in grub2 and ostree with cross reference, because clearly they are not coherent.

I can boot it, but then I have the Fedora/Gnome new user configuration thing (even if I have changed the passwd, group, shadow as instructed). Then it reboots the same way, I cannot even have a terminal.
I guess I will start another thread