No VLC notification

Hello there, my issue is there’s no VLC notification while it’s playing something in background, that control interface which let you stop/skip music is pretty useful, but it’s missing right now. however everything is ok when playing a video/music in firefox. So i’m only experiencing this with VLC.

In the settings >notifications it is on? Could you verify that?
As a flatpak it not appears in the notification section … But I tested it. I can see the controls you asked for, while clicking on the bell icon beside the clock.

VLC is available as Flatpak and as .rpm (at least on F37) I use it as .rpm and it works.
I checked it in F38 in a VM there it is just available as Flatpak. As I mentioned it worked.

Did you do an upgrade from F37 to F38?

Not true. Fedora 38 does have vlc as an rpm.

# dnf list vlc
Last metadata expiration check: 1:29:22 ago on Tue 06 Jun 2023 03:15:13 PM CDT.
Installed Packages
vlc.x86_64                                                1:3.0.19-0.3.fc38.1                                                @rpmfusion-free

I checked in software … there it was not available.
Four eyes see more than two :wink:

Hey L.S.
I’m using .rpm version of VLC on Fedora 38 and for a while everything was OK till suddenly this happened, however dnf reinstall vlc fixed the issue and I never understood what was the problem in the first place.

I wonder if that is because vlc is from rpmfusion and not from fedora?

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You are right … it was on a Virtual Machine and there I probably not installed the rpmfusion.