No more sound since last update

Hello everyone,

I’m a new user with Fedora…and Linux. I installed Fedora 35 since the release and everything was perfect.

But I just did an update and I have no sound any more. The upgrade :

Upgrade  ImageMagick-1:                @updates
    Upgraded ImageMagick-1:                @@System
    Upgrade  ImageMagick-libs-1:           @updates
    Upgraded ImageMagick-libs-1:           @@System
    Upgrade  alsa-lib-1.2.6-1.fc35.x86_64                         @updates
    Upgraded alsa-lib-                       @@System
    Upgrade  alsa-ucm-1.2.6-1.fc35.noarch                         @updates
    Upgraded alsa-ucm-                       @@System
    Upgrade  alsa-utils-1.2.6-1.fc35.x86_64                       @updates
    Upgraded alsa-utils-                     @@System
    Upgrade  autocorr-en-1:                  @updates
    Upgraded autocorr-en-1:                  @@System
    Upgrade  autocorr-fr-1:                  @updates
    Upgraded autocorr-fr-1:                  @@System
    Upgrade  edk2-ovmf-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35.noarch      @updates
    Upgraded edk2-ovmf-20210527gite1999b264f1f-2.fc35.noarch      @@System
    Upgrade  enchant2-2.3.2-1.fc35.x86_64                         @updates
    Upgraded enchant2-2.3.1-1.fc35.x86_64                         @@System
    Upgrade  eog-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                               @updates
    Upgraded eog-41.0-1.fc35.x86_64                               @@System
    Upgrade  evince-41.3-1.fc35.x86_64                            @updates
    Upgraded evince-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                            @@System
    Upgrade  evince-djvu-41.3-1.fc35.x86_64                       @updates
    Upgraded evince-djvu-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                       @@System
    Upgrade  evince-libs-41.3-1.fc35.x86_64                       @updates
    Upgraded evince-libs-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                       @@System
    Upgrade  evince-nautilus-41.3-1.fc35.x86_64                   @updates
    Upgraded evince-nautilus-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                   @@System
    Upgrade  evince-previewer-41.3-1.fc35.x86_64                  @updates
    Upgraded evince-previewer-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                  @@System
    Upgrade  evince-thumbnailer-41.3-1.fc35.x86_64                @updates
    Upgraded evince-thumbnailer-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                @@System
    Upgrade  firefox-95.0-1.fc35.x86_64                           @updates
    Upgraded firefox-94.0-2.fc35.x86_64                           @@System
    Upgrade  glib-networking-2.70.1-1.fc35.x86_64                 @updates
    Upgraded glib-networking-2.70.0-1.fc35.x86_64                 @@System
    Upgrade  glib2-2.70.2-1.fc35.x86_64                           @updates
    Upgraded glib2-2.70.1-1.fc35.x86_64                           @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-calculator-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                  @updates
    Upgraded gnome-calculator-41.0-1.fc35.x86_64                  @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-control-center-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64              @updates
    Upgraded gnome-control-center-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64              @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-control-center-filesystem-41.2-1.fc35.noarch   @updates
    Upgraded gnome-control-center-filesystem-41.1-1.fc35.noarch   @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-desktop3-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                    @updates
    Upgraded gnome-desktop3-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                    @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-maps-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                        @updates
    Upgraded gnome-maps-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                        @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-screenshot-41.0-1.fc35.x86_64                  @updates
    Upgraded gnome-screenshot-40.0-2.fc35.x86_64                  @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-software-41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                    @updates
    Upgraded gnome-software-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                    @@System
    Upgrade  gnome-user-docs-41.1-1.fc35.noarch                   @updates
    Upgraded gnome-user-docs-41.0-1.fc35.noarch                   @@System
    Upgrade  gnupg2-2.3.3-2.fc35.x86_64                           @updates
    Upgraded gnupg2-2.3.3-1.fc35.x86_64                           @@System
    Upgrade  gnupg2-smime-2.3.3-2.fc35.x86_64                     @updates
    Upgraded gnupg2-smime-2.3.3-1.fc35.x86_64                     @@System
    Upgrade  libmwaw-0.3.21-1.fc35.x86_64                         @updates
    Upgraded libmwaw-0.3.20-1.fc35.x86_64                         @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-calc-1:             @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-calc-1:             @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-core-1:             @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-core-1:             @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-data-1:             @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-data-1:             @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-draw-1:             @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-draw-1:             @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-emailmerge-1:       @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-emailmerge-1:       @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-filters-1:          @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-filters-1:          @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-graphicfilter-1:    @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-graphicfilter-1:    @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-gtk3-1:             @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-gtk3-1:             @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-help-en-1:          @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-help-en-1:          @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-help-fr-1:          @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-help-fr-1:          @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-impress-1:          @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-impress-1:          @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-langpack-en-1:      @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-langpack-en-1:      @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-langpack-fr-1:      @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-langpack-fr-1:      @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-ogltrans-1:         @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-ogltrans-1:         @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts-1: @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts-1: @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-pdfimport-1:        @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-pdfimport-1:        @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-pyuno-1:            @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-pyuno-1:            @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-ure-1:              @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-ure-1:              @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-ure-common-1:       @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-ure-common-1:       @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-writer-1:           @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-writer-1:           @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-x11-1:              @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-x11-1:              @@System
    Upgrade  libreoffice-xsltfilter-1:       @updates
    Upgraded libreoffice-xsltfilter-1:       @@System
    Upgrade  libva-2.13.0-3.fc35.x86_64                           @updates
    Upgraded libva-2.13.0-2.fc35.x86_64                           @@System
    Upgrade  libxmlb-0.3.6-1.fc35.x86_64                          @updates
    Upgraded libxmlb-0.3.3-1.fc35.x86_64                          @@System
    Upgrade  nautilus-41.1-2.fc35.x86_64                          @updates
    Upgraded nautilus-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                          @@System
    Upgrade  nautilus-extensions-41.1-2.fc35.x86_64               @updates
    Upgraded nautilus-extensions-41.1-1.fc35.x86_64               @@System
    Upgrade  pcsc-lite-1.9.5-1.fc35.x86_64                        @updates
    Upgraded pcsc-lite-1.9.4-1.fc35.x86_64                        @@System
    Upgrade  pcsc-lite-libs-1.9.5-1.fc35.x86_64                   @updates
    Upgraded pcsc-lite-libs-1.9.4-1.fc35.x86_64                   @@System
    Upgrade  python3-dropbox-11.25.0-1.fc35.noarch                @updates
    Upgraded python3-dropbox-11.24.0-1.fc35.noarch                @@System
    Upgrade  qt5-qtbase-5.15.2-30.fc35.x86_64                     @updates
    Upgraded qt5-qtbase-5.15.2-28.fc35.x86_64                     @@System
    Upgrade  qt5-qtbase-common-5.15.2-30.fc35.noarch              @updates
    Upgraded qt5-qtbase-common-5.15.2-28.fc35.noarch              @@System
    Upgrade  qt5-qtbase-gui-5.15.2-30.fc35.x86_64                 @updates
    Upgraded qt5-qtbase-gui-5.15.2-28.fc35.x86_64                 @@System
    Upgrade  qt5-qtwayland-5.15.2-15.fc35.x86_64                  @updates
    Upgraded qt5-qtwayland-5.15.2-14.fc35.x86_64                  @@System
    Upgrade  vim-data-2:8.2.3755-1.fc35.noarch                    @updates
    Upgraded vim-data-2:8.2.3717-1.fc35.noarch                    @@System
    Upgrade  vim-minimal-2:8.2.3755-1.fc35.x86_64                 @updates
    Upgraded vim-minimal-2:8.2.3717-1.fc35.x86_64                 @@System
    Upgrade  yelp-2:41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                            @updates
    Upgraded yelp-2:41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                            @@System
    Upgrade  yelp-libs-2:41.2-1.fc35.x86_64                       @updates
    Upgraded yelp-libs-2:41.1-1.fc35.x86_64                       @@System
    Upgrade  yelp-xsl-41.1-1.fc35.noarch                          @updates
    Upgraded yelp-xsl-41.0-1.fc35.noarch                          @@System

Thanks for your help,

Hi @david1r2r1 Welcome. Did you read the New users! Start here! - Ask Fedora (for new users)
I do not know what your sustem is, but try this…
Sometimes the new WirePlumber service may not be properly configured to start automatically after an upgrade. WirePlumber is a session manager for PipeWire, the modern audio subsystem we made the default starting with Fedora 34. You can read those links for details, but the short version is “this needs to be running for sound to work”.

If systemctl --user status wireplumber.service - run in Terminal as regular user, not root - says “disabled” and “inactive”, this is likely your problem. The upgrade process should have taken care of this, and we expect this to be true for almost everyone. However, if your system is one of the unfortunate exceptions, run in Terminal the following command AS YOUR REGULAR USER from a terminal ( not as root or with sudo ), and everything should start working:

systemctl --user enable --now wireplumber

Thanks for the answer. I will read the topics for new users.

I ran your 1st command ans it says it’s active

wireplumber.service - Multimedia Service Session Manager
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/wireplumber.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Thu 2021-12-09 19:03:21 CET; 1h 32min ago
Main PID: 1564 (wireplumber)
Tasks: 4 (limit: 18361)
Memory: 10.4M
CPU: 295ms
CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/session.slice/wireplumber.service
└─1564 /usr/bin/wireplumber

Edit1 : since alsa has been updated, could it be related to this package ?
Edit2 : Why is it so important to run these command in user mode ans not root ?

Same here; upgraded everything today and no sound. Interestingly, even when connecting a bluetooth headset, there are no options to enable sound either.

Same issue and I just downgraded sudo dnf downgrade alsa-*, rebooted the system and sound is back.


Interesting… running journalctl -xe | grep pipewire gives an input/output error…

Dec 09 16:23:20 fedora pipewire-pulse[2017]: mod.protocol-pulse: client 0x557a1d63df40 [Mutter]: ERROR command:-1 (invalid) tag:10 error:25 (Input/output error)
Dec 09 16:23:20 fedora pipewire-pulse[2017]: mod.protocol-pulse: client 0x557a1d63df40 [Mutter]: ERROR command:-1 (invalid) tag:18 error:25 (Input/output error)
Dec 09 16:23:28 fedora pipewire-pulse[2017]: mod.protocol-pulse: client 0x557a1d63df40 [Mutter]: ERROR command:-1 (invalid) tag:26 error:25 (Input/output error)
Dec 09 16:23:28 fedora pipewire-pulse[2017]: mod.protocol-pulse: client 0x557a1d63df40 [Mutter]: ERROR command:-1 (invalid) tag:34 error:25 (Input/output error)
Dec 09 16:23:28 fedora pipewire-pulse[2017]: mod.protocol-pulse: client 0x557a1d63df40 [Mutter]: ERROR command:-1 (invalid) tag:42 error:25 (Input/output error)
Dec 09 16:23:28 fedora pipewire-pulse[2017]: mod.protocol-pulse: client 0x557a1d63df40 [Mutter]: ERROR command:-1 (invalid) tag:50 error:25 (Input/output error)

I can also confirm downgrading alsa-* returns audio on my system.

On desktop/laptop with external speaker is working, only laptop’s internal speaker has issue with sound.

Thanks for the feedback. A day earlier but I had already restarted the laptop yesterday.
many greetings :lying_face: :grinning:
ps: but there was something else wrong because I could not play videos through the GnomePlayer even without sound.

Thanks, ii will do it.

Noob question : if I downgrade alsa now, will it upgrade normally on the future or I need to do something else ?

Edit : it works also for me

There’s an alsa-lib update in updates/testing.

Thanks for the info !

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