Nextcloud starts as root when I open Grub Customizer

Hi everyone, when I run Grub Customizer from the application menu or through terminal using sudo grub-customizer, the nextcloud client is also run as root.
The problem has also been reported in the Nextcloud forum (here)

The fact that it opens Nextcloud is an annoying thing and is also a possible security issue since it runs with root privileges.

installed packages:

nextcloud-client.x86_64                           3.7.4-1.fc38                        @fedora                                     
nextcloud-client-libs.x86_64                      3.7.4-1.fc38                        @fedora                                     
nextcloud-client-nautilus.x86_64                  3.7.4-1.fc38                        @fedora  

grub-customizer.x86_64                            5.2.3-1.fc38                        @updates    

if you are not using nextcloud, feel free to remove it: sudo dnf nextcloud-client*

Are you logging in to your desktop as root - you shouldn’t do that!

I’m using Nextcloud client on my PC with my selfhosted instance.
No, I’m not logged in as root, the root account is disabled.
I decided to remove grub-customizer as it doesn’t work very well with Fedora, there are long time open bugs that are not being fixed (for example this)

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