Next Linux User Space show about Fedora Immutable variants

Next episode of Linux Userspace S04E03 will be about the Immutable versions of Fedora in 2-4 weeks :slight_smile:


Fun! Can’t wait!


Watching it myself now

I believe the next episode will be the better one on our immutable offerings, but it’s a great episode overall

yeah this was more general on Immutable distros, the episodes 4th September will talk more about Fedoras Immutable Offerings

I’ve just watched the part that talks about it and it’s pretty good.

I’m glad it’s not full of misinformation like another video that won’t be named.

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Got released 2 days ago on Monday evening this week, have not really had to watch myself yet as its Debcamp 2023 this week too

another Silverblue episode of Linux Userspace just got uploaded:

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