New hard drive partitions are read only

I’m new to fedora (in general to Linux) and i have a problem with it
After i installed fedora i connect a new hard drive to my system
When i boot up, i can see my files and folders but i cant delete, make or rename any new file or folder because its read only !!!
I don’t know how i can fix this
Please HELP me…

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Welcome to the community @stm32learn

Can you give us some more information please:

  • What version of Fedora are you using?
  • is your system up to date?
  • how are you connecting the new hard drive?

Can you write to the disk as a super user (administrator, using sudo)?

Is this issue with the OS or with the additional (data) drive you attached?
If the former then it is an issue should you not be able to write into your home directory but is expected if your regular user is trying to write into any of the system directories.
If the latter then it seems an issue with permissions and ownership of the mount point for that device.

We need more info to be able to actually identify the problem and devise a solution. Please provide a detailed explanation of what you are seeing as a problem.