New Article Idea: Pantheon on Fedora

I always liked the Pantheon desktop, and I know many people that like the Pantheon desktop too but they don’t like the old Ubuntu base of elementaryOS, and how Fedora gives the best pick-up and play experience for Pantheon, I was thinking doing a magazine article showing people how to install Pantheon on Fedora and setting it up!


+1. Being able to easily use and experiment with different desktop environments has always been of the good things about Fedora Linux. :slightly_smiling_face:

@mikuocta +1 from me! I’ve created a Taiga card ( #323 ) for this article.

Please follow all of the directions found at Writing Articles :: Fedora Docs

Follow the directions for getting access at Getting access :: Fedora Docs

If you have access you can start writing your article at Fedora Magazines Wordpress site, just log in with you FAS ID and create the post.

Once you are added to the the magazines project tracking (Taiga) as a writer, and assigned to the card for your article spec by an editor you can move the card to in progress while you are writing the article. After you have completed the article, and feel it is ready for review, move the card to the Review column.

If you have questions about the process or work flow, ask them here and one of the editors will assist you.

Thanks for contributing.

hey, @rlengland I saw that you helped me a lot with the documentation, and I already did an article about it, and I was curious what are the next steps! I wasn’t able to assign myself a role to the taiga card, but maybe you can help me, thanks!

I believe you needed to sign in to the Kanban board using your Fedora Account. This won’t grant write access immediately but it makes the account known to the system so an administrator can manually grant you access.

BTW, I can see your article in WordPress so that part of your access is working just fine.

Happy welcome to the community. Merla Octavian! :grinning:

Pantheon is beautiful, I recently tried it out!

I wasn‘t able to fix it that the buttons show up on the right via the DConf editor settings and fractional scaling seems not to be supported.

Whatever +1 means. I‘m not aware of the people that are entitled to vote. Is that anyone or council members, editors or who?

Only votes from the magazine editors will be counted (two +1's are required for the article to go forward). Your +1 is still helpful to indicate community interest in the article though. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


@mikuocta I’ve added a link for your WordPress article to the Taiga card #323.
I also moved it to the “In Progress” status since you’ve done quite a bit of work on it.

Have you had an opportunity to try signing in to Taiga yet? Once you have Taiga access you can move the card to indicate status changes yourself. When it is ready for the editors to review you can move it to the “Review” column.

@mikuocta Thanks for writing your article. Do you consider it finished and ready for reivew?
If you sign in to the Kanban board you can drag it to the “Review” column.

@mikuocta your article looks great but we will not be able to publish it until you sign the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement as stated in Getting access :: Fedora Docs.