NetworkManager openvpn gnome with 2FA?

Dear Fedora Community,

Is it possible to set up a VPN connection (openVPN) on Feodora 30 when the 2FA is activated ?
the gnome applet does not seem to ask for the google authenticator code.
Or do I have to put my password and the authenticator code at the same time ?

Can someone point me to the right documentation ?
Google has a lot of doc but mainly related to the server configuration…




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AFAICT you need to add the TOTP code to your password. So if your password is ‘mysecret’ and your TOTP code is 123456 then you should enter ‘mysecret123456’. Here is a nice HOWTO describing such a setup:

If you have an Android phone then there’s the FreeOTP client at FreeOTP · GitHub with the app available at Google Play or F-Droid FreeOTP | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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A note on Freeotp: it seems to not be actively maintained any more (last commit is from 2017). Please use an active alternative instead. (I migrated to andOTP recently which works quite well on Android).

I tried to pass the TOTP code with the password like you mentioned, but it failed.

I reread the documentation (by the way I trying to connect to an OpenVPN AS server)

and the command line to setup the connection is:
openvpn --config client.ovpn --auth-user-pass --auth-retry interact

So is the gnome applet supposed to support this ?

Or should I fallback to use the command line ?


If you try the command line then you get hopefully more information what is happening. It may help to add --verb 4 to the command (see man openvpn). Are you sure that the OpenVPN server you are trying to connect to does support 2FA? Asking because 2FA requires installing additional software and configuration.

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I forgot to report that the gnome applet is supporting this OTP method.
It’s also a two step login.

  • First you need to enter the login password
  • and gnome will pop up a second window asking for the OTP.


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