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I have NM issue here. I have PCIe adapter where two M.2 cards installed. One for LTE and one for WiFi and BT. It is regularly failing in boot such a connection is not crated. When I shut PC completly and wait a moment and then boot it creates connection. How do I restart NM? {/etc/init.d/network-manager restart} announce that service do not exist command what I was using previously.

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

nmcli radio all
nmcli radio all off
nmcli radio all on

nmcli connection show
nmcli connection down CON_NAME
nmcli connection up CON_NAME

I am not sure about this. Isn’t it {nmcli connnection down/up Telia} gives unknown connection even that it is show list in that particular name. Is the adapter reason for it?

You can use shell autocomplete for the connection name.

Nope {nmcli connnection down/up [TAB]} gives nothing? And autocomplete enabled. Phuu.

There’s a typo.

You can also use the short version:

nmcli con sh

How you explain that:
{nmcli con sh}
Telia 181fcccb-9f31-40e6-ac4e-b618ef4cf407 gsm cdc-wdm0
{nmcli con down Telia}
Error: ‘Telia’ is not an active connection.
Error: no active connection provided.

It could be a bug if the connection is marked active but NM says it is not.

Yes, you confirm what I though also. I was scared to announce. It will also explain HW procedure. I boot up, and shutdown and few seconds and boot again to have LTE connection to PC. I also noticed difference in updates that they boot differently. How I can contribute Bugzilla?

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Fedora Docs > How to file a bug

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@vgaetera do you think you could help me troubleshoot a minor issue with my bluetooth? It only works after my laptop goes to sleep. The other issue is that my laptop does not always wake up from sleep (just a black screen), so I try to avoid it when possible but this means it is a crapshoot when I want to enable my bluetooth.

I have a ThinkPad E585. Below is the lspci line for what I believe to be the controller. All good if you can’t help, just thought I’d throw it out there since I’ve just been avoiding bluetooth for a while.

04:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8822BE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi adapter

Hi, guys. I have again NM trouble here. I need to use 32 since 33 has an problem to connect mobile broadband. I do not what is it. I have adapter card what is in PCI-e bay and there I have m.2 connector for the 4G card and also Wi-Fi card. Wi-Fi works and 4G works but not always. Sometimes expect few days to have update and then I am connecting in boot. Where could I find reason for it. Rebooting NM do not help. Also connection is not shown in the list. Where to look at? And blue-tooth is not available even that it is card, but for that I give up some months ago. I am interested to know can it be HW issue. I am ready this spring to update 5G m.2 module. When connection is up it perform well. Like Ethernet connection. What can be alternative to NM. Is it wicd, but that is not available for SB.

nmcli connection show

When I am in 32 I get:
Telia 181fcccb-9f31-40e6-ac4e-b618ef4cf407 gsm –
And then 33:
Telia 181fcccb-9f31-40e6-ac4e-b618ef4cf407 gsm cdc-wdm0

And restart does not make any diference.

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

Is it a bug? There is a NM update bonded together with 33.

What is the problem connecting? Is it consistent or sporadic? In my experiences with hardware on Linux, any distribution, is that if it did work before upgrade it will after. This does come with a caveat that sometimes regressions are introduced that result in bugs and things stop working.
A bit more debugging info would help, like configuration details. Also specifically how the failure(s) present themselves. Is this a laptop or desktop PC? Do things work at first then stop after some time? Or do they sometimes work and other times not? Why do you suspect network manager?

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Problem is that connect does not connect. It is sporadic. It hap ends time to time and after few days start to connect again. Usually updates it can stop working. Sometimes it goes up that I halt and boot up after few second wattling. Why do I think NM. Like I was looking device is not found. This is PC and there is PCIe adapter with two m.2 slots. One has 4G module and other one Wi-Fi+BT Intel chip. Antennas are pointing out from the back of PC. I was trying to take a pic from it but it is packed so that need to be re-mowed to take a photo. But eBay seller has a good phtoto. I think he do not mind if share it. Oh’ and also SIM card is in the adapter. Where do I can start to debug? Earlier i was just expect few day to update to fix it but now it has been month like this. I need to boot in ostree list 32 to be connected.Screenshot from 2021-01-04 19-58-53

Okay, to start it would be good to know the brand and model of hardware, adapter and motherboard. Then we can search bugzilla to see if there are any bugs similar to the problem you are having. If it is sporadic, it seems to not work for some time, is this across several boots? By that I mean does it work at bootup, then stop working and remain non-functioning across more than one boot? Or by contrast, does it always come up at boot and fail later after running for some time?

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MB is Thinkstation D30 and adapter is simple PCIe with SIM card reader. I though adapter is only to transfere m.2 connector to USB3 and PCIe as m.2 is all that. In fact two USB bonded to 9 pin USB3. Then it has a ME906V LTE and Intel AX 200 Wi-Fi plus BT. Now I remember that I have also Star tech USB PCIe adapter, where I have internal 9 pin USB and earlier I was connecting it to adapter and then I change to it MB internal USB2 socket. It has some difference. Sometimes it works trough 9pin and sometimes via 5pin motherboard USB. In adapter BT and broadband are distributed. so that they are both difference USB2 lines. PCIe is used to power up unit though. I need to look m.2 connector data sheet to be sure about function. I would send picture of the unit but I can do that in the end of the week as have some duties to disturb my hobbies.

I was testing 32 and 33 installations. All nmcli commands work well in 32 radio off/on and servece restart. In show list devices are listed but not in 33. How to make bugreport. I do understand that it is a bug. Praps wwan is not so widely used as I though.

I am still stuck to 32. Need to rollback as lost hope. Rawhide was even more wild. I got white screen in boot up. Woaaa. It was years back I have similar screen.

I make some look. And not even 32 latest version get connected. I am using version from 2020-11-15. Then I check available updates and there was not NM version. How do I roll back to 2020-11-15 version that is is in the top of GRUB list. Is it that I need to deploy certain version. Also I did not send topic when Skype stop workking and crash in the boot. I install Franz application where Skype do work but not web camera as I call to grandmother. So the crash is non compatible web camera. Then I open VLC and capture devices there and camera works fine there. How I do solve this issues? Are they bugs? And can someone send report of them to bugzilla if they are? All right. I was doing my homework and doing some of the issues.

rpm-ostree db diff COMMIT1 COMMIT2

kernel 5.8.18-200.fc32 -> 5.10.7-100.fc32
kernel-core 5.8.18-200.fc32 -> 5.10.7-100.fc32
kernel-devel 5.8.18-200.fc32 -> 5.10.7-100.fc32
kernel-headers 5.8.18-200.fc32 -> 5.10.7-100.fc32
kernel-modules 5.8.18-200.fc32 -> 5.10.7-100.fc32
kernel-modules-extra 5.8.18-200.fc32 -> 5.10.7-100.fc32

rpm-ostree status

Then I do look version with dot and that is the one I am using.

rpm-ostree deploy COMMIT

Voilà, it goes straight to version w/ workking Broadband.