Network Interfaces Automatically Created


I have been trying to no avail to remove the network interfaces that are being created by FC31.

I must have, at some point, added some of these, but I now wish I only have the ones I actually need (lo, enp0s25, and wlp3s0)

The others like bridges, ppp, etc. I would like to remove/disable.

I have attempted to remove them through ip link but upon restart (or perhaps other events) I eventually notice them all come back.

Here is what I have:

$ ip link
1: lo:
2: enp0s25:
3: wlp3s0:
11: ppp0:
14: vmnet1:
15: vmnet8:

How do I permanently remove ppp0, vmnet1, and vmnet8?

Thank you for any assistance or direction on this

Out of curiosity. Do you have VMware installed?

yes, I do have vmware installed.

does it create all of these connections? does it need all 3?