Nemo File Manager, Xed Text Editor Black & White icons in Gnome

The Nemo File Manager and Xed Text Editor icons have become B/W in recent versions of Gnome. This sets it off against the default colourful and recognisable icons of other applications:

Screenshot from 2023-11-26 13-04-25

I have been trying to figure out if there was some sort of extended/full version of Adwaita icon set available, that fixes this. But I couldn’t find any.

Does anyone have tips how to solve this? Because this is a bit ugly. And in older versions of Gnome, I just got the original app icon here for Nemo and Xed.

Try the Gnome-Tweaks tool to set the appearance back to default (I guess the Legacy Aplication ones too).

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It happens with the default settings, on a clean install:

It seems Adwaita no longer has colourful icons for:
Icon=system-file-manager (the default value of nemo.desktop)
Icon=accessories-text-editor (the default value of xed.desktop)

I could change the icons:

  • Nemo File manager, use icon org.gnome.Nautilus

  • For Xed I could not get another icon even if I use accessories-text-editor-symbolic (which seems to be what Adwaita calls it now). I am not sure if this is because I uninstalled gedit/gnome default text editor.

Alternatively, installing Breeze icons and using Tweaks to switch to Breeze gives you the typical folder icon for Nemo (which is nice, recogniseable but one could potentially think Nemo is a folder because it has the same icon) and a not so pretty white note icon for Xed.

It happens with the default settings, on a clean install:

It seems Adwaita no longer has icons for:

  • Icon=system-file-manager (the default value of nemo.desktop) this can be solved by changing the value to org.gnome.Nautilus
  • Icon=accessories-text-editor (the default value of xed.desktop), Adwaita hasaccessories-text-editor-symbolicbut it is the same. I changed it to text-editor, but it looks ugly: too big and looks weirdly aligned:

Screenshot from 2023-11-26 14-33-03

Eventually, I solved it for Xed now as well by downloading the Gnome Text Editor icon:
GNOME Desktop icons - Wikimedia Commons

creating a folder /usr/local/share/icons and copying the file there.

Then copying Text Editor from /usr/share/applications to /usr/local/share/applications/xed changing the value of icon to Gnome-accessories-text-editor.

Screenshot from 2023-11-26 14-46-32

Perhaps because I copied the Text Editor to the local folder, now text files are no longer associated with Text Editor. I believe I have to add something to a mimecache file…

The Icons you have different look like as the High Contrast symbols in Accessibility menu. Check if you did test out there without switching off again.
On my system I have some switched and some are still colorful.

High Contrast in Accessibility is off. See my previous message. This is specifically about Nemo and Xed. The rest is fine.
Which icons are you talking about specifically?
I posted the icon names in my previous message.

The icons you are seeing are what is present in Adwaita,

  • accessories-text-editor-symbolic.svg
  • system-file-manager-symbolic.svg

Your best options are what you have already tried.

Switching the icon theme
Modifying the desktop file.

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