Need help with Sharing -> File-sharing (WebDAV)


I try to log in with password disabled as anonymous user and it works fine. But when I turn on password It asks for username, So I type in my username for the system and password for the sharing. I’ve only used Samba. First time using WebDAV. What am I doing wrong here? Is the username it asking different from my system username?

Also as of now, Only ‘Public’ folder is shared, I’m mounting another folder to the Public to share it. Is it possible to share a separate folder without mounting it to Public? Also any way to fix the port number? It changes everytime I log in or turn it off.

Have you tested user: anonymous with the password you set for public file sharing?

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Well, I kinda figured it out now. Since it wasn’t ‘anonymous’ I tried ‘guest’. It was ‘guest’.

Now I need solutions for other things.

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As the name sais, WebDAV, so you have to see the credentials of the service which you want to connect. Maybe it is a good if you are a bit more specific. With what you want to connect to which Service and also about the port, i not really understood what you mean.

Well, unlike Samba in Ubuntu and others, Fedora’s ‘File-sharing’ in Settings->Share is not discovered by other devices. I have to manually enter IP Address, Port number and so on and hope it’s connecting. I’m using Solid Explorer in Android. To connect it to the Public folder that ‘file-sharing’ made, It opens a connection everytime I log in, and the port it opens it changes everytime too. So every time I have to

lsof -i

and get the port number and change it in the App to estabilish the connection. I don’t know about WebDAV either. all it gives me to connect to is dav://fedora.local which really points to nothing. So I use the IP address of the System in network and managed to get it connected. But the port number it get assigned gets changed if I restart, log in.